Universal Avionics: Thirty Years of Innovation

One of our highly illustrated corporate history books that tells the story of an aircraft avionics innovator. Services included:

  • Documentary and photo research in company collections
  • Oral history consulting
  • Translation of complex technologies into layman’s terms
  • Bold sidebars and chapter introductions


Universal Avionics is a niche corporation, designing and producing advanced avionics for specialty aviation. The company had nevertheless always “flown beneath the radar.” Second-generation leader Ted Naimer sought to change that with the celebration of the company’s 30th anniversary.


Ken toured the plant in Arizona, worked meticulously through company archives, conducted an oral history project with company officials and industry observers and collected a large number of high-resolution historical images. His chief challenge was to translate 30 years of technological change in aircraft navigation into concepts that a lay audience could understand, all in the context of the growth of the company. He pulled together a package consisting of high-resolution contemporary and historical photos, sidebars and chapter openers written in bold, punchy language reflective of the company’s culture, and a tight core text. The components were transformed into high-quality corporate history books by design and print vendors selected by Universal Avionics.

Project Specifications

  • 9”x9”
  • 96 pages
  • Full color glossy pages
  • Heavily photographic “coffee table” content